wij spreken nederlands - We speak english
wij spreken nederlands - We speak english

Who are we ?


“Camping lovers, we decided to take over this magnificent area and make it an even warmer place to share our passion with you. Emil and Juliette are there too, they will make you discover the little hidden corners of the woods. Having a real admiration for the world of cycling, Emil will take you for a ride with great pleasure while Juliette will be honored to take your children to the DIY corner.

Hope to meet you soon!”

Our Campsite offers all the essential services, for your stay.

Good food at the campsite: on the spot or take away

Gastronomy on the campsite! Sven and Nathalie cook a delicious meal for their guests, making use of as many fresh and local produce as possible.

So don’t worry about the question: “What are we eating today?” Take your seat on the shaded terrace and enjoy your mail which contains always a fresh salad. You can also choose between rice and French fries.

Our menus:

  • French fries, boulettes
  • French fries, fricadel “special” with fresh onion
  • Fish & Chips
  • Chicken “Aiguillettes”
  • Sautéed pork « à la Farigoulette »
  • Steak, French fries
  • Chicken « à la Basquaise »
  • Home made Pizzas
  • Etc…

A great choice of ice cream

Soft drinks, juices, international beers, cocktails,

High-quality wines are delivered at the campsite by Alix & Romain, our neighbors and vintagers on the “Château de Terride”.

Facilities at the campsite

It is possible to hire a refrigerator. It will be installed at your stand on your arrival. Don’t forget to bring a CEE plug and an extension cable – or simply hire them at the reception for 5 €. To be sure that the refrigerator is cleaned up at your departure, we ask for a warranty of 30 €. This sum will be reimbursed upon our departure when the fridge is returned clean to us.

Barbecue. For safety reasons it’s forbidden to install your own barbecue at your stand. The campsite provides a barbecue with charcoal in the common area.

There is free WiFi nearby the terrace.  We try to avoid as many unhealthy “waves” as possible in our domain.

Washing installation. For the camper, a washing machine and a dryer are available in the sanitary bloc. Buy your tokens at the reception.

Enclosed swimming pool and splash pool. Those pools are surrounded by a secure fence and are open from 9.30 to 21.00 o’clock except when the weather is too bad. We count on our warm southern sun to keep the water temperature pleasant. If necessary, we have a heat pump to replace the occasionally failing sun.